All-British Day, Adelaide - Gallery

By: Dave Carey, Photography by: Dave Carey

25 bristol 405 sedan 25 bristol 405 sedan
3 MGC engine bay 3 MGC engine bay
9 talbot sunbeam lotus 9 talbot sunbeam lotus
5 lotus eclat 5 lotus eclat
13 mark IV zodiac 13 mark IV zodiac
4 lotus 4 lotus
6 first gen lotus esprit 6 first gen lotus esprit
7 lotus esprit turbo 7 lotus esprit turbo
8 lotus esprit turbo interior 8 lotus esprit turbo interior
10 vauxhall cavalier mark ii 10 vauxhall cavalier mark ii
11 1957 vauxhall velox 11 1957 vauxhall velox
12 zephyr and zodiac club 12 zephyr and zodiac club
14 mark III escort XR3 14 mark III escort XR3
15 ford sierra rs cosworth 15 ford sierra rs cosworth
16 mark 1 cortina 16 mark 1 cortina
18 triumph estate 18 triumph estate
19 triumph estate interior 19 triumph estate interior
20 triumph dolomite sprint 20 triumph dolomite sprint
21 mark i escort 21 mark i escort
22 mexico details on mark i escort 22 mexico details on mark i escort
23 mark I escort 23 mark I escort
24 ford consul capri 24 ford consul capri
26 BMC mini tractor 26 BMC mini tractor
27 austin 7 27 austin 7
28 jaguar SS 28 jaguar SS
29 rolls royce emblem 29 rolls royce emblem
30 land rover register 30 land rover register
31 forward control land rover 31 forward control land rover
32 concours jaguar 32 concours jaguar
34 jensen interceptor 34 jensen interceptor
35 ford capri 35 ford capri
36 humber vogue 36 humber vogue
37 austin 3 litre 37 austin 3 litre
38 MG ND 38 MG ND
40 jaguar XK120 40 jaguar XK120
41 mini cooper s 41 mini cooper s
42 ac cobra 42 ac cobra
43 austin 1800 43 austin 1800
44 austin kimberley 44 austin kimberley
45 morris minor 45 morris minor
46 jaguar emblem 46 jaguar emblem
47 jaguar e type 47 jaguar e type
48 ford thams RAA van 48 ford thams RAA van
49 vauxhall 49 vauxhall
50 vauxhall sedan 50 vauxhall sedan
51 ford zodiac 51 ford zodiac
52 mark III zodiac 52 mark III zodiac
53 armstrong siddeley 53 armstrong siddeley
54 bristols 54 bristols
55 mgc gt 55 mgc gt
56 spitfire 56 spitfire
57 triumgh tr7 57 triumgh tr7
58 singer eleven sedan 58 singer eleven sedan
59 rover p4s 59 rover p4s
60 rover p5 60 rover p5
62 mgb 62 mgb
63 jowett jupiter 63 jowett jupiter
64 jowett javelin 64 jowett javelin
65 bradford van 65 bradford van
66 aston martin vantage 66 aston martin vantage
67 aston martins 67 aston martins
68 aston martin db5 68 aston martin db5
69 triumph stags 69 triumph stags
70 minis 70 minis
71 minis 71 minis
72 morgans 72 morgans
73 riley club 73 riley club
74 riley club 74 riley club
75 field marshall tractor 75 field marshall tractor
76 mgs 76 mgs
77 thornycroft amazon 77 thornycroft amazon
78 thornycroft inside 78 thornycroft inside
33 british classics 33 british classics

The house of Windsor endures. The rich tapestry of British motoring marques not so much - a perfectly good reason to celebrate its colourful history


All-British Day, Adelaide

Adelaide’s annual All British Day, held on 12 February 2017, has been going strong for years now and shows no signs of abating, despite the mostly-historic nature of the wares on display.

Seeing all things proper in motoring required little more than a welcome drive into the picturesque Adelaide Hills on February 12. Echunga’s double-footy ovals were full to the fence lines, hosting over 700 cars that weaved the story of Britain’s motor industry from Austin to Wolseley and every sordid detail in between.

All -british -day -21

The Shannons Super Rig made the journey from the Eastern States especially for the event, the big green Iveco affording spectators a commanding view of the event and the perfect opportunity for a selfie with a Singer.

However, if one was expecting nothing more than endless rows of gleaming Jaguars interspersed with ubiquitous MG Bs (no offence intended; they are the second-highest selling sports car of all time, after all!), one will be disappointed.

MGs and Morgans, Humbers and Hillmans, the best of the Brits took to the oval; among the highlights, the Riley club bookending its 10-strong display with a pair of rare-in-Oz, Mini-based Elfs.

61 Morris Dancers With Austin 1800 Bmc

Another high water mark was the white Bond-submarine-esque Lotus Esprit, which joined an immaculate Lotus Eclat to give a masterclass in early ‘wedge’ design.

Personally, one couldn’t go past the mighty Austin 3-Litre sedan, presented in beautiful brown. Born of BMC’s need for a luxury car, but also their reluctance to spend any money, the 3-Litre saw their C-series six inserted fore of a glasshouse and doors that were unmistakably (and perhaps laughably) Austin 1800. Despite the longitudinal six-potter, the big rear-wheel-drive sedan was far from sporting to drive and crucially, never shook off its low-rent, ADO17 origins.

Fortunately, BMC had just taken over Jaguar, which made products that were exactly sporting to drive and had their own doors, so the 3-Litre was put to rest after less than 10,000 were produced. Unsure how this one reached Australia, but it was beautiful to behold; so wrong and yet so right.

No such BMC shenanigans amongst the trophy winners however, with Shannons Insurance handing their prestigious Car of the Show award to Arthur Ruediger’s 1934 MG ND, a factory lightweight special, one of 25 ever built and recently subject to a full ground-up restoration.

All -british -day -1

All British Day President Jamie Sandford-Morgan and his team of volunteers did another exemplary job and should be proud; this colourful show continues to surprise and delight.

You would be hard-pressed to find a better-organised show in SA or beyond; although we are not sure how the Aussie-designed Austin Kimberley keeps sneaking past the gatekeepers!

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