Mac's Bridge 2021

By: Cliff Chambers, Photography by: Cliff Chambers

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Mac's Bridge shines again in 2021

Like many automotive events, the Triumph Sports Owners of Queensland’s 2020 Display Day was abandoned due to Covid-19. For 2021 though, the event known for decades as ‘Mac’s Bridge’ roared back to life.

Held once again on the rolling hummocks of the Belmont Shooting Range, just half an hour from Brisbane’s CBD, this event traditionally attracts a diverse range of Queensland’s most significant vehicles. This year was no exception, with the 500 cars on display including some spectacular and exotic debutantes.


Even though most were there just for a day out and not in the running for an award, every entrant had made an effort and the standard of presentation was exceptional.

This year’s display also marked a very significant anniversary for the Jaguar E Type. Almost 60 years have passed since the model was revealed to an astonished world and owners flocked to Mac’s in celebration.


Plenty of Vettes to see

More than 70 were assembled, including some of Australia’s oldest E Types, a replica of the Lightweight competition car and several V12s from the 1970s.

Also conducting a show within the show were members of the BMW Owners Club; around 50 of whom had been diligently preparing cars for the Club’s 2021 ‘Show of Excellence’.


Other major displays came from Porsche, the Mazda MX5 Club and MG. Also, of course, the host Club with an array of six-cylinder sedans, V8 Stags, fixed-roof TR7s and lots of open-top sports cars.

Australian brands were hard to find this year, with just a smattering of Holdens, Falcons and Valiants amongst the predominantly British and European exhibits. Participation of Japanese models continues to grow, with Mazda and Nissan especially obvious.


Awards aplenty were distributed on the day, recognising owners’ diligent preparation of their cars. Among the trophy winners were a stunning Alfa Romeo 1750GTV, 1930s Alvis Speed 20, Mark 1 Ford Zephyr and Lotus Elan. The award for Best Triumph went to Greg Bird for his magnificently presented Stag.

Toughest task of the day went to the judges who had to select the best E-type Fixed Head coupe and Roadster. In the end, both trophies went to Jonathan McLeod for his red 4.2 Roadster and Gunmetal Grey 3.8 Coupe.



From Unique Cars #457, Sep 2021

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