Rolling 30, Sydney 2019 - gallery 5

By: Zane & Chris Dobie, Unique Cars magazine

EM5F9497 EM5F9497
EM5F9499 EM5F9499
EM5F9528 EM5F9528
EM5F9530 EM5F9530
EM5F9532 EM5F9532
EM5F9570 EM5F9570
EM5F9544 EM5F9544
EM5F9562 EM5F9562
EM5F9567 EM5F9567
EM5F9568 EM5F9568
EM5F9581 EM5F9581
EM5F9591 EM5F9591
EM5F9623 EM5F9623
EM5F9683 EM5F9683
EM5F9694 EM5F9694
EM5F9706 EM5F9706
EM5F9709 EM5F9709
EM5F9713 EM5F9713
EM5F9716 EM5F9716
EM5F9720 EM5F9720
EM5F9726 EM5F9726
EM5F9727 EM5F9727
EM5F9736 EM5F9736
EM5F9739 EM5F9739
EM5F9745 EM5F9745
EM5F9752 EM5F9752
EM5F9757 EM5F9757
EM5F9764 EM5F9764
EM5F9767 EM5F9767
EM5F9768 EM5F9768
EM5F9778 EM5F9778
EM5F9779 EM5F9779
EM5F9781 EM5F9781
EM5F9791 EM5F9791
EM5F9800 EM5F9800
EM5F9805 EM5F9805
EM5F9826 EM5F9826
EM5F9829 EM5F9829
EM5F9830 EM5F9830
EM5F9839 EM5F9839
EM5F9848 EM5F9848
EM5F9865 EM5F9865
EM5F9901 EM5F9901
EM5F9908 EM5F9908
EM5F9910 EM5F9910
EM5F9911 EM5F9911
EM5F9913 EM5F9913
EM5F9923 EM5F9923
EM5F9927 EM5F9927
EM5F9931 EM5F9931
EM5F9936 EM5F9936
EM5F9937 EM5F9937
EM5F9940 EM5F9940
EM5F9943 EM5F9943
EM5F9948 EM5F9948
EM5F9954 EM5F9954
EM5F9965 EM5F9965
EM5F9967 EM5F9967
EM5F9974 EM5F9974
EM5F9979 EM5F9979
EM5F9982 EM5F9982
EM5F9988 EM5F9988
EM5F9990 EM5F9990
EM5F9994 EM5F9994
IMG 2806 IMG 2806
IMG 2809 IMG 2809
IMG 2812 IMG 2812
IMG 2815 IMG 2815
IMG 2823 IMG 2823
IMG 2828 IMG 2828
IMG 2832 IMG 2832
IMG 2826 IMG 2826
20190603 174156 20190603 174156
EM5F0028 EM5F0028
EM5F0295 EM5F0295
EM5F0407 EM5F0407
EM5F0419 EM5F0419
EM5F0447 EM5F0447
EM5F9084 EM5F9084
EM5F9152 EM5F9152
EM5F9179 EM5F9179
EM5F9197 EM5F9197
EM5F9198 EM5F9198
EM5F9227 EM5F9227
EM5F9229 EM5F9229
EM5F9230 EM5F9230
EM5F9260 EM5F9260
EM5F9278 EM5F9278
EM5F9283 EM5F9283
EM5F9284 EM5F9284
EM5F9299 EM5F9299
EM5F9310 EM5F9310
EM5F9542 EM5F9542

See what was happening at Sydney Motorsport Park. Were you there?

Rolling 30, Sydney 2019 - gallery 5
Nothing's better than getting the Chev out for a gallop.

The inaugural Rolling 30 'cars & coffee on steroids' event was huge - thanks to everyone who came. We got a wonderful mix of cars supported by some great traders.

Here's gallery 5, with more to come.

Look for the main event page right here.

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