1978 HOLDEN SANDMAN HZ for sale $120,000

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CALL **** *** 943 Show number
Price AUD $120,000
Listing Type Used
Refcode DIY968468
Body Type Van
No. of Doors 2
No. of Cylinders 8cyl
Capacity - cc 308
Engine Power - kW 126
Fuel Type Premium Unleaded
Transmission Manual
No. of Gears 4
Drive Type RWD
Odometer 460,000
Roadworthy No RWC
Colour Panama Green

If you are looking at this you want details. So get a beer or a cup of tea I have plenty of detail!

NOTE: This vehicle will only be available for inspection & potential purchase until 12-7-19 after that I will be interstate for a period so it will become unavailable if it has not sold by then.

If it has not sold, when I return to Victoria I will most likely choose to transport it to either Shannons or Lloyds Auctions to be offered around the time of Bathurst at a reserve considerably higher than offered here due to the considerable fees associated with that process.

If that also fails to generate a result, I will retain the vehicle for a further period of some years, appropriately stored & protected with a view to offering it again at a substantially higher value at a later date. Obviously this is a vehicle that is appreciating in terms of $ as time passes.

So, what exactly have I got here?

It is located in Kyabram Victoria, I have owned this vehicle since 1989 so 30 years I purchased it from the original owner had done 105,000 kms at that time & was in superb condition.

It has been literally my daily drive for 30 years. It has now travelled 460,000 kms. That should be enough to scare almost all potential buyers off!

However, this is no ordinary Sandman, & I am no ordinary car owner.

From the day I got it I knew exactly what it represented, & as such, it has been meticulously maintained mechanically & cosmetically to within an inch of its life anal doesnt even come close to how I have cared for this vehicle!

To say that it is in pristine condition doesnt cut it, given the work its done it is entirely unbelievable that the odometer is showing that figure, but it is true, & it is every bit a totally usable example of possibly the most iconic 70s vehicle in probably the most sort after colour combination along with being an Aussie 4 Speed / V8.

Over the 30 years I have had it, it has been drooled over, photographed & generally been coveted by thousands of people who all couldnt believe that a Sandman this good was actually on the road!

It is highly likely that it will be one of these many people who have actually seen it that will step up to grab it if you havent seen it you probably will be thinking No Way To many kms & it cant possibly be that good - I understand that but if this looks like your dream car, I strongly suggest you have a firsthand inspection you will be blown away!

Genuine 1978 HZ Windowless Sandman Panel Van Aussie 4 Speed 5.0Ltr V8 Panama Green

Whats the history - Whats Original - Whats not Whats the overall condition?


Purchased in 1989 in original & good condition from a Bikie in Williamstown Melbourne who had bought it new. It had around 100k on the odometer & was clearly in a condition that reflected that. Wasnt perfect but was damn good & original.

Has since been used on a consistent & daily basis & over time has been meticulously cared for, anything that needed attention got it immediately & no expense was spared in ensuring it has been not just maintained & protected, but as time elapsed anything that needed improving in terms of retaining its original condition was keenly & carefully done. However, it has been constantly driven & as such now has just short of 460K on the Odometer. This fact is about the only thing that gives an obvious insight to its use as everything else points to an immaculate vehicle, as it is. It drives better than new.

Over the 30 years that I have had this vehicle it has been a constant source of neck injuries to all people that it passes, literally thousands of people taking photos, relating their stories, making offers to buy, wanting to know what its worth, etc etc Without exception every one of these people remember the day they saw this Sandman & it made all of them happy - I have greatly & graciously enjoyed the interest it has created & am thankful for having been the caretaker of such a vehicle. If I had a third hand, it would be this car.

Whats Original:-

The Panama Green Paint Colour is Original; it has had 3 full resprays in the time that I have owned it & a number of minor touch ups it has just had its 3rd respray & as such is pristine.

The Following items are all original as per how it was delivered new that includes a number of options that were added at the time of purchase regardless of whether they were genuine GM options or 3rd party It was manufactured in the 3rd week of June 1978 at the GMH Elizabeth Plant in South Australia:-

- All Panels & Hardware (Bumpers etc) Obviously all has been repainted/chromed
- Full GTS Dash Steering Wheel - Console Seats Headlining Seat Belts - etc etc
- Aussie 4 speed gear box
- Power Steering
- Dragways
- All Badging Moon Roof Roof Rack - Side Skirts Rear Lense Bubble Covers
- Tow Bar

- Whats not Original:-

- The Motor, Original 4.2ltr died horribly & it was impossible to save it So a Blue 5.0 ltr was sourced, rebuilt & fitted.
- The Battery & other ancillary items all replaced with original items were possible
- Sandman Graphics were matched off the original & subsequently been redone at each time of respraying (By me, I am a Signwriter) in the correct position & colours.
- The vehicle was Duel Fuel It has now been returned to petrol only.
- It has Extractors fitted
- It has had Electronic Ignition fitted
- It has Pump Up Rear Shockers
- It has 2 stage Alarm & Immobilizer system
- It has real time GPS Tracking (Concealed with Battery Back Up & Lifetime Tracking)
- It has Sheep Skin Seat Covers & has had from new. If the Covers were to be taken off then the drivers seat would need some cosmetic refinishing but I have never wanted to sit on vinyl & neither did the previous owner
- It has Custom Cabinets in the rear with Black Marine Carpet
- Led Strip Lighting to Rear Cabin
- LED Illuminated Rear Window & Graphics (This will be removed & the rear window Tinted at time of sale)
- It has had the Roof Lining professionally changed to Black from Tan to match the rear of the vehicle
- It has had Replacement Carpet installed to the front cabin as per original specs
- Tinted Windows
- It has a replacement Sound System
- It does not have A/C
- It does not have a Spare wheel / tyre - that can be provided as a spare Dragway Brand New at an additional $800 including New Tyre
- It does not have the under rear Spare Tyre retractable mechanism this was removed when it was transferred to Dual Fuel It could be sourced & refitted if desired by the new owner. However, if I was the new owner, the first thing I would do is return it to Dual Fuel as I would be using it every day & it absolutely Sings on Gas! New Owners choice though, it certainly roars on petrol!

- Whats the overall condition:-

Spectacular It has no Rust to the Panel areas It is equally pristine inside. Many admirers have been astounded that I have never entered this vehicle in shows, but that has never been of any interest to me at all I have enjoyed driving it, maintaining it, & sharing the Sandman legacy with all & sundry on my far & wide travels.

For the 30 years I have had it, it has been fully Road Registered, some months ago I removed it from daily use & it is now Club Registered in Victoria. This process allowed me to thoroughly assess any little issues that required attention & deal with them So it is currently in the absolute best condition it has ever been!

It is obviously a true purest fact that this vehicle would be solid gold if it had the original matching numbers/dates for the motor & the original factory GTS Wheels (Which were & still are bloody ugly, hence thats why Dragways were put on so many of this era GM vehicles) so for me I consider Dragways to be pseudo genuine many people agree with that, but many would howl me down, & I understand that attitude & respect it.

Fact is, if you want genuine GTS Wheels, you can get them, if you want a matching numbers/dates 4.2 litre red motor it can be found thats of no interest whatsoever to me, I love this car how it is & it performs how I want it to.

- Why am I selling it?

Well, to say it is a reluctant sale is an understatement! Fact is I am in the process of relocating to Queensland at an extremely coastal location The reality of this is that the attention to detail that would be required to keep it in its pristine condition in such a harsh Sea Spray environment would be at the very least extremely challenging & constant I do not wish to expose it to those challenges.

- How did I come up with the price?

I have taken an exhaustive approach to this Many serious car enthusiasts & hard core collectors that I know & trust where provided with all these details, some know the vehicle intimately others had never seen it.

I posed the question to give me an unbiased & realistic view of the cars value in the market this resulted in a low end & higher end value range I have priced it precisely in the middle of that range as the fact is I would prefer to sell it & avoid frustrating negotiations for any prospective buyers & of course myself its for sale at this price, or I keep it.

This is a truly remarkable Genuine Windowless Sandman & if the next owner wishes to get it to Concourse original condition, they wont have much to do. I would personally hope that would not be the case, my hope would be that the next owner embraces this vehicles journey & celebrates that It is absolutely genuine to its history & that to me is far more important than a ground up rebuild in an attempt to try & recreate something that is long gone, & then mothball it.

Over the many years that I have discussed this vehicle with countless people, & held a keen interest in inspecting anything Sandman that has caught my attention, I can make the following couple of comments:-

- There is a great amount of misinformation out there regarding Sandmans, understandably it is difficult to source reliable info, but I have been at times frustrated by the BBQ experts who believe wholeheartedly in fictitious nonsense.

- On a more positive note, I have been delighted to meet many people who are clearly better informed, I have seen many Sandmans given all & sundry have wanted me to come & see their project or completed pride & joy, & I have enjoyed that immensely.

With this in mind, given that I have been up close & personal with literally 100s of Sandmans (& Sandman wannabes) I would say that I have never ever seen a Sandman yet that I would remotely consider swapping this one for.

I have seen some terrible makeovers & rebuilds, but also seen some extraordinary vehicles.

One in particular, he was a gentlemen in his 80s, in Stawell. His Son literally pulled me over & pleaded that I take my vehicle to show his father, he could not believe what he was seeing!

He indicated that his father had a 100% original Matching Numbers / Wheels / Paint Sandman Van that he purchased new & resided in his humble Garage.
I visited this gentleman & spent two hours with him, then visited again a couple of years later.

Of all the Sandmans I have seen this one was by far the best Original example bar none, including many spectacular Original Sandmans I have seen in Motor Museums & in private collections. However, it was not windowless & if I was to be pedantic, I would say that let it down.

It was glorious; however, being as original as it was, it was a margin less than perfect with really good but original paintwork/decals etc For a genuine original vehicle with all the papers, original receipts etc etc, it could not have been in better condition & it was his treasured possession in what amounted to a single garage shrine were it was lovingly encased God bless him!

As spectacular as this gentlemans vehicle was, by far the best I have seen outside the one I have, I would not have swapped him.

Am I negotiable?

Not at all it sells for the listed price or I keep it.

Should you come & inspect it if you dont have the ability to afford it?

Well, if I can, I would be happy to let people view it if time permits, but I expect potential buyers to be honest regarding that, obviously I dont want to have to deal with a hundred tyre kickers pretending to be potential buyers its a lot of money for a car so it is a reality that not a lot of people can realistically afford an icon like this. So please just be upfront on where you stand when you contact me & I will be completely honest with you.

If you cant afford it or arent in the market for a Sandman of this caliber I still hope you have enjoyed seeing it!

I look forward to the questions that will come that I havent already covered here. I am sure there will be plenty!


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