Chrysler Pacer/Charger 770 V8/E38/E49/E55 - 2021 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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2021 Market Review - Chrysler Pacer/Charger 770 V8/E38/E49/E55

A shortage of competition-spec Chargers in the recent market has made life brighter for anyone wanting to unload a V8-engined 770. These Chargers have plenty of frills and often come with alloy sports rims like the E-prefix cars.

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Early ones had a 5.2-litre, later models the 5.9-litre, 360 V8 or you may choose to track down a very rare 5.5-litre E55. Excellent 770s cost way less than the cheapest six-cylinder ‘Bathurst’ version and will still score you lots of ‘Hey Charger’ salutes.

A couple of E49s were recently offered at realistic money but no E38s. Pacer prices are up but have a long way to go before matching the current cost of a GTR Torana.

Why Pacer Hardtops have jumped ahead of sedans is a mystery, because the four-door E34 was always regarded as the better handling version.

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VF Pacer $38,835 [3] VG Pacer $67,585 [6]

VG Pacer H/Top $82,700 [5]

Charger 770 V8 $101,685 [6]

E38 [N/S] E49 $270,000 [2]

E55 [N/S]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2021 Muscle Car & US Car Value Guide.

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