Chev Chevelle/Nova/Apache/El Camino 1955-1978 - 2020 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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1955-1978 Chev Chevelle/Nova/Apache/El Camino market review 2020

Mid-size US Chevrolets and pickups were rare sights in Australia as new cars. The exception was a black Nova SS spectacularly raced by Touring Car Champion Norm Beechey, yet even its high-profile didn’t spark a big influx of imports.

Novas and four-door Chevy IIs have become relatively expensive of late and buyers may prefer to spend their $50,000 on a larger and bigger-engined Chevelle SS. The Chevelle from 1964 also provided a base for the brand’s El Camino pickup which typically costs $30,000 but can reach $50K in SS trim.

Apache and Cameo trucks were virtually unknown in Australia until a few years back and prices hover around $50,000.

Apache/Cameo 1955-64 $55,935 [12]

Chevelle 1964-68 $57,630 [7]

Chevelle SS 1969-73 $58,410 [9]

Nova V8 1963-67 $54,835 [6]

El Camino 1964-69 $32,015 [9]

El Camino 1970-73 $36,325 [9]

El Camino 1974-82 $27,570 [5]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2020 Muscle Car & US Car Value Guide.

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| 2019 Market Review: Chev Chevelle/Nova/El Camino 1964-1978 


From Unique Cars #447, December 2020 

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