Subaru WRX/STi (1994-2006) - 2020 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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Subaru WRX/STi 1994-2006 from our 2020 Japanese Classic & Performance Car Guide

Fashions come and go and WRX values have been leaping about in response to one trend or another.

Pre-2001 cars were not long ago priced 25-35 percent below current levels while very early versions looked likely to disappear due to disinterest. That didn’t happen and today the only Rexes to typically sell for less than $10,000 are 2001-03 ‘Blob-eye’ versions.

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Cars with ‘STI’ tacked onto their model code were once expensive and exclusive, however STI Rexes built from 2001-05 can be easily found and typically cost less than $25,000.

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Version 5 two-doors from 1999-00 are rare and getting expensive with the odd one topping $80,000. That’s cheap though when compared with the mega-rare 22B version. These currently exceed $250,000 and are said to be headed towards $500K.

WRX 1994-97 $10,700 [12] 

WRX 1998-01 $13,680 [26]

WRX 2001-03 $8660 [20] 

WRX 2003-05 $11,370 [25]

WRX STi 2001-05 $22,435 [18]

WRX STi 2-DR $67,070 [7]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2020 Japanese Classic & Performance Car Guide.

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