Honda NSX/S2000/Insight/Acty 1984-2006 - 2020 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers

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honda nsx honda nsx

Honda NSX/S2000/Insight/Acty 1984-2006 market review from our 2020 Japanese Classic & Performance Car Guide

Boxed with the late-model sporty Hondas in this year’s weird additional inclusions is the ACTY 4WD which comes as a van or pickup.

These miniature commercial models sold for a while in Australia however most in the current market were sourced from Japan where they cost US$3000-4000.

At the opposite end of the Honda spectrum are early versions of the NSX flat-six supercar.

These five years ago were available for less than $80,000 but demand since then has surged and is helping push prices past $120,000.

Also up are S2000 sports cars which will typically cost more than $20,000. Rarely seen but offering collector possibilities is the original and radical-looking Insight ZE-1 Hybrid, which based on overseas values might reach $15,000 here.

S2000 1998-00 $23,950 [16] 

S2000 2001-06 $24,925 [8]

NSX 1990-93 $138,950 [4] 

NSX 94-98 $111,995 [2] 

Insight ZE-1 [N/S]

Acty 4WD $8610 [4]


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