Porsche 924/928/944/968 1978-1995: Market Review 2019

By: Cliff Chambers

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porsche 944 porsche 944

Porsche 924/928/944/968 1978-1995 market review

Front-engined Porsches are almost invariably nice to drive, yet even when the money sought is stupidly low they remain hard cars to sell.

The 924 Turbo appeals to particular tastes but at $25,000 you surely could learn to love one.

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The 944 Turbo should not require any effort at all and that results in top-quality cars topping $80,000. An excellent 968 at $50K might be a good compromise. Basic 944s are cheap because a lot haven’t been properly maintained and now exhibit costly problems.

The 928 and especially S4 versions are a genuine supercar but like BMW’s 840i not yet popular or valuable.

924 Turbo $22,865 [4] 

944 Coupe $15,600 [10] 

944 Turbo $57,730 [12]

968 Coupe $47,920 [4] 

928S $30,030 [14] 

928 S4 $37,830 [13]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2019 European & British Value Guide.


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