Hillman/Humber 1949-1972: Market Review 2019

By: Cliff Chambers

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hillman imp hillman imp

Hillman/Humber 1949-72

Hillman once was once renowned as an excellent choice for classic market newcomers. For the most part these were solid, simple cars that didn’t cost much to buy and with parts that were easy to source.

During the past decade prices have climbed, with the Hunter doing especially well, yet few people show interest in the brand.

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The Imp is an intriguing little car but scarce even in its UK homeland, the Minx is sturdy and uninspiring.

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Humbers from the 1960s are still common with values up a little and the averages for six-cylinder Snipes and the Hillman-based Vogue valid for good-quality cars.

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IMP 1963-68 $15,000 [1] 

Minx 1949-56 $4830 [3]

Minx/Gazelle 1957-67 $7420 [5] 

Hunter $8300 [4] 

Vogue $8650 [4]

Hawk/Super Snipe 1958-67 $8995 [3]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2019 European & British Value Guide.


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