Audi 1992-2008: Market Review 2019

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audi rs4 avant audi rs4 avant

Audi 1992-2008

We struggle at present to identify any recent Audi with strong ‘classic’ attributes but are also defeated in attempts to find surviving pre-1985 cars in any quantity.

One 1970s-issue Fox at $10,000 was the standout but 100/200 models from the 1970s-90s seem almost extinct.

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Among Audi’s more recent offerings we find fast, versatile cars of various sizes and with a variety of engines.

Values continue to sag but an obvious possibility is the RS4; down from $160K to less than $50,000 but hopefully staunching its losses.

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If you need an Audi that is quick and affordable try the S3 Turbo or older A4 Quattro. TT sports cars don’t have the kerb appeal they once offered and good ones are available below $15,000.

80/90 1986-98 $2815 [7] 

S3 Turbo 1999-04 $16,260 [23]

S4 4.2  $16,575 [23] 

A4 Turbo Quattro 1996-02 $7055 [30]

A8 4.2 1995-03 $15,930 [10] 

RS4 2000-07 $47,600 [15]

TT 1.8 1999-04 $13,060 [41] 

TT 3.2 2004-08 $20,180 [13]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2019 European & British Value Guide.


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