Mazda 808/1500/Capella/RX-2/RX-3 - 2019 Market Review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Mazda 808/1500/Capella/RX-2/RX-3

The market for 1970s rotary-engined Mazdas has calmed significantly since last year. Most surprising was a decent-looking RX2 Coupe being discounted several thousand dollars by a frustrated dealer, however there were also sedans sitting unsold at a lot more.

Four-cylinder Capella sedans that haven’t been converted to RX2 ‘clones’ are scarce but prices are stable.

808s share their architecture with the in-demand RX3 and are becoming expensive. We didn’t see nearly as many RX3s in the 2018 market as there were in 2017 and the mega high-value cars were missing. $60-70,000 is fair for an excellent Australian-delivered RX3 sedan with history.

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For a fun, inexpensive older Mazda the 1000-1300 series can be found at under $10,000.  

1000/1200/1300 $9865 [10] 

808 Sedan $26,750 [2] 

Capella $17,500 [3]

RX2 Sedan $38,280 [5] 

RX2 Coupe $45,615 [4] 

RX3 Sedan $64,500 [4]

RX3 Coupe $65,000 [2]


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