Chevrolet Corvette 1955-82 - 2019 Market Review

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Chevrolet Corvette 1955-1982

Early V8 Corvettes are scarce in Australia with few arriving new or in recent years. Based on US values, $150,000 will soon be typical for single-carb cars and those with factory fuel-injection could cost double that amount.

Similar mega-money is available for mid-1960s C2 models with 427 cubic inch engines, however C3 cars of the same capacity still cost $120-150,000 and offer worthwhile pickings for shrewd investors.

Chrome bumper C3s continue to generate prices 30 per cent above the money being achieved by post-1973 cars, of which there remain plenty in the market.

Among the models worth watching are the Silver Anniversary and Pace Car from 1978 and the 1982 ‘Collector Edition’ hatchback.

Roadster 1955-62 $134,955 [11] 

All Models 1963-67 $166,435 [8]

Big-Block 1965-67 $216,250 [4] 

All Models 1968-73 $45,385 [22]

Big-Block 1968-73 $67,560 [13] 

Coupe 1974-78 $32,420 [20]

Coupe 1979-82 $26,745 [19]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2019 Muscle Car & US Car Value Guide.

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