Renault 1951-2006 - 2018 Market Review

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Renault 1951-06

Renault 1951-2006 - 2018 Market Review
Renault Fuego

Renault in the recent past has built some quick and interesting cars, which the vast majority of performance vehicle buyers choose to ignore.

The Megane 225 is powerful and well-equipped yet most of them cost less than $10,000. You can pay around half that for a Clio Sport and they are fun as well.

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Among the more expensive older Renaults is one of the slowest as well; a 4CV from the 1950s tops out at 95km/h but will cost twice the price of a 12 or the rarely-seen 16TS.

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Should you be keen to spend $20,000 on a Renault there are a few of the Dauphine-based Florides still kicking about.

750 (4CV) $10,665 [3]

Floride/Caravelle $18,915 [3]

R10/12/16 $3715 [3]

Fuego $2580 [6]

Clio Sport $5300 [11]

Megane Sport $7695 [10]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2018 Euro & Brit Car Value Guide.


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