Euro Classic Car Market - 2018 in review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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porsche 912 coupe Japanese Police car porsche 912 coupe Japanese Police car

They may be brawling over Brexit but with cars, the status quo remains

Four years have passed since we last looked in detail at the European and British markets yet the table is pretty much the way we left it in 2014.

Prominent brands and high-profile models continue to gain ground and attract first-time buyers. New sales records being set overseas and at local auctions are again convincing people with investment in mind that cars can indeed offer financial security.

There is another side though to the market for European and some British models and that is how incredibly cheap some cars from the 1990s and early 21st century have become. Our Buyers Guides feature a couple that offer terrific value in proven packages however there are many more out there awaiting adventurous new owners.

There are always concerns as a complex model ages that major mechanical failure will be so costly, repairs will exceed the value of the car. Protecting your example of fading opulence from disaster isn’t entirely possible, however the risks can be reduced by choosing a low-kilometre car with service history and a solid pre-purchase inspection result.

Tucking away a stock of parts is a good idea too. Engine electronics, sensors, dash modules and window/locking electronics kept dark and dry won’t deteriorate for decades and could literally be worth their weight in gold.

Older models are becoming increasingly well-supported by spare parts suppliers and that availability encourages more people to join the quest to own an older Jaguar, MG, Porsche and other brands that come with a reliable parts and service infrastructure.

Having a model that isn’t all that valuable and relatively easy to repair is going to encourage regular use. That is how it should be. As some owners of Australian ‘muscle’ models have discovered, their cars are now so valuable they have become virtually worthless as something to be enjoyed.

Whether having a good time with your car is more important than having it make you some money might be a difficult choice. It will certainly have some influence on which model you might choose and how it is used.

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