Toyota MR2/MR-S/Sera 1986-2002 - 2018 market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Toyota MR2/MR-S/Sera 1986-2002 - 2018 market review
Toyota MR2

Toyota MR2/MR-S/Sera 1986-2002

Early AW11 MR2s were a challenge to drive quickly and that might account for low survival rates.

Whatever the reason, these important cars need to be preserved and current values aren’t offering owners much encouragement.

US buyers could add a supercharger but even these only sit at around A$16,000.

More common here and cheaper again are local-delivery SW20s without turbochargers which are worth $6000-8000.

Asking prices for ‘grey’ import 2.0 Turbos are $12-15,000 but there are a lot about.

Later, local models like the non-turbo GT and ‘Bathurst’ are similarly priced but survivors are scarce.

The final-issue MR-S was a complete departure from the original MR-2 concept and although these cars survive in decent numbers, interest seems minimal.

MR2 1986-89 $12,675 [4] 

MR2 1990-96 $6655 [12]

MR2 Turbo 1990-95 $12,140 [17] 

MR2 GT/Bathurst $12,490 [5]

MR-S 1998-02 $12,350 [22]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2018 Japanese Classic Car Value Guide.

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