Toyota Celica 1971-2004 – 2018 market review

By: Cliff Chambers - Unique Cars magazine

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Early Celicas are like gold.

Toyota Celica 1971-2004 – 2018 market review
Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica 1971-2004 – 2018 market review

It takes but a glance at the Japanese auction lists to understand why local vendors have lit fires under the asking prices for pre-1978 Celicas.

Early cars are scarce and US$20,000 is the price that most on overseas markets will command.

From there the numbers fall away, salvaged by some interest in 1990s-spec GT4s.

Group A versions of the AWD Celica are scarce even in Japan and whoever bought a local car for around $35,000 has a bargain.

Front-wheel drive ST204 and ZZT231 models sold from 1998-2005 are eye-catching and well equipped and very good ones cost $6500-8500.

Imported convertibles and even local Sunchaser conversions can be found at up to $12,000.

Celica 1971-77 $19,200 [17] 

Celica 1978-85 $6040 [13]

Celica 1986-97 $3480 [54] 

Celica 1998-00 $6375 [23]

Celica 2001-05 $8415 [20] 

Celica GT4 1989-93 $12,740 [4]

Celica Conv. 1988-95 $7625 [4]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2018 Japanese Classic Car Value Guide.

1971-77 Celica buyer guide - 2018

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