Mazda 929/RX-4/RX-5 - 2018 market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Mazda 929/RX-4/RX-5 - 2018 market review
Mazda 929 coupe

Mazda 929/RX-4/RX-5

Classy looks with the option of a rotary under the bonnet brought us some truly lovely 1970s Mazdas and a couple of horrors.

The RX-4 sedan, wagon and hardtop were based on four-cylinder 929s but with the ‘big’ 13B rotary engine.

Despite scarcity and excellent performance, RX-4s today don’t go close to matching the money available for RX3s or even the Capella-based RX2.

Early 929s are almost extinct but later HB and HC series cars with 2.0 and 3.0-litre engines are still available and cheap.

The RX-5 Hardtop and equivalent 121 got absolutely flogged with the ugly stick and non-rotary cars sell for less than $7000.

RX versions might manage double that amount.

929 Sedan/Htop 1982-87 $2780 [11] 

RX-4 Sedan $29,995 [5]

RX-4 Coupe $34,665 [3] 

121 Coupe/Landau $6750 [4]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2018 Japanese Classic Car Value Guide.

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