Lexus 1989-2006 - 2018 market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Still value but on the cusp of collectible

Lexus 1989-2006 - 2018 market review
Lexus LS400

Lexus 1989-2006

We suspect that the LS400’s rising average is more likely due to the quality of available cars than increasing demand.

The big Toyotas are perhaps on the cusp of becoming collectible but if you want prestige transport for reasonable money the more recent and powerful LS430 at $15,000 is a better prospect.

Bargain buys include early GS300s that can be found in decent order for less than $5000.

Again, if you want one for regular use, spend $3000-5000 more on a 2001-03 model.

When new an SC430 convertible cost over $100,000 and most in the market have seen minimal use.

Hard therefore to understand why such a classy convertible now typically sells at below $20,000.

LS400 1989-00 $8475 [15] 

LS430 2001-05 $11,265 [8]

GS300 1998-03 $8235 [23] 

SC430  $18,520 [11]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2018 Japanese Classic Car Value Guide.

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