Ford Galaxie/Thunderbird 1958-72 - market review 2017-18

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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ford galaxie 1965 galaxie 1965 Ford Galaxie. ford galaxie 1965 galaxie

Getting into the luxury end of the muscle market.

Ford Galaxie/Thunderbird 1958-72

‘Full size’ Fords weren’t normally considered ‘muscle’ cars but don’t say that to the owner of a 427-engined Galaxie.

These were race-winners on the Nascar ovals and even took a British Touring Car title.

While 427s are expensive, those with the more common 352 or 390 cubic inch (5.9 or 6.4-litre) V8s still get along quite nicely and cost less than $40,000.

Four-door Aussie-assembled cars with 6.4 litres sell at $20-25,000.

Thunderbirds weren’t really considered a sporty car either and there are plenty available which helps keep values in check.

$30,000 buys a very good 1961-66 Hardtop but convertibles can make $60,000.

Galaxie 4-Door 1962-73 $23,495 [12] 

Galaxie 2-Door 1962-64 $36,355 [13] 

Galaxie 2-Door 1965-72 $34,970 [10] 

T-Bird H/Top 1961-66 $28,515 [18]

T-Bird Conv. 1961-66 $51,995 [8]




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