Ford Falcon/Fairmont XA-XC V8 1972-79 - market review 2017-18

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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ford XA Hardtop Falcon hardtops have been in big demand in revcent times. ford XA Hardtop

The Ford XA-XC market is volatile.

Ford Falcon/Fairmont XA-XC V8 1972-79

One car selling for $60,000+ is likely to inflame the market for 1970s Fairmonts, turning a bubbling pot into roaring inferno.

351-engined Hardtops have for some time been generating significant prices and now the sedans are getting their opportunity.

If you can’t stump up $60K for a two-door or ‘K Code’ sedan, try one of the later XC GXLs which can be found in decent order at less than $30,000.

Basic Falcon V8s cost even less but also have less long-term appeal than a Fairmont. Keep an eye also on movements in the XA-XC van and utility market.

V8 Vans in particular are hard to find and we think a $30,000 average price isn’t representative of the money an excellent 351 van or even a ute might generate. 

XA-XC Falcon V8 $24,360 [14] 

XA-XC Fairmont V8/GXL $24,195 [35]

XA-XC Hardtop V8 $62,500 [12] 

XA-XC V8 Utility $37,250 [6]

XA-XC V8 Van $30,250 [2]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2017-18 Muscle Cars Value Guide.

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