Dodge Dart/Challenger/Viper/Ram SRT10 - market review 2017-18

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Dodge Challenger 1974 1974 Dodge Challenger Dodge Challenger 1974

Hemis are what get the wallets out, but a V10-powered car could be a relative bargain.

Dodge Dart/Challenger/Viper/Ram SRT10

Revitalisation of the Challenger brand and elements of the original shape is likely to rekindle interest in 1970s versions.

Big-engined 426 Hemi and 440 cars don’t need much incentive to top US$100,000 at auction [around $170K here once currency, freight and taxes take their slice], but you can buy a basic 318 or 383 car for well shy of $50,000.

A two-door Dart that might get itself confused with a local VF-VG Valiant hardtop is even cheaper.

The monster Viper sports car never attracted much interest from local buyers and they still hover around $100,000.

To experience the Viper V10 in a more practical package, track down an SRT10 Ram pickup in the region of $70,000.

Dart V8 1967-72 $25,465 [3] 

Challenger 318/383 $32,050 [8]

Challenger 340/440 $70,950 [4] 

Viper 1992-02 $103,130 [6]

Ram SRT10 $72,495 [9]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2017-18 Muscle Cars Value Guide.

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