Chrysler US Models 1957-2010 - market review 2017-18

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Chrysler 300 1958 Early Chrysler 300s are worth serious money. Chrysler 300 1958

Late-model Chryslers offer a lot of metal for the money.

Chrysler US Models 1957-2010

Chrysler’s 21st Century cars did so well in Australia that Ford’s Fairlane/LTD wilted in their wake and the Holden Statesman barely survived.

Now we have lots of used Chrysler 300s including the brutish SRT8 flooding the market, nobody wants them and early 5.7-litre cars sell for $10-15,000.

SRT8s can make $20-25,000 but even they suffer soft demand.

One version still offering exclusivity is the Hemi Touring station wagon that survived in our market only until 2010 and sells for 20 per cent more than a sedan.

Heading back 50 years it’s possible to spend your $25,000 on a tidy 1960s Newport or 300 Hardtop.

Early Hemi-engined ‘letter series’ Chryslers are scarce in Australia but make US$80-100,000 in North America.

300/Newport 1962-71 $25,930 [8] 

300C Hemi Sedan 2006-10 $17,935 [34]

300C Touring 2006-10 $21,010 [11] 

300C SRT8 2006-10 $26,115 [26]

[*] = number of recorded sales

(Note: concours & special cars may demand more.)

Numbers from our 2017-18 Muscle Cars Value Guide.

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