Holden Torana - market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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The sixes became legendary 'V8 killers' but then the Torana joined the big boys. Here is what the prices looked like.

Holden Torana - market review
Holden LH Torana

Holden Torana GTR/XU-1

There never was an official V8 Torana in the LC-LJ body shape but not for lack of trying by Bathurst legend, the late Harry Firth.

Government threats and nervous Holden management knocked the XU-2 on the head but there are still a few LC/LJs getting around with V8s jammed beneath their bonnets.

They are hard cars to price but we would definitely count one of those as an example of Aussie muscle.

Six-cylinder XU-1s with their triple-carburettor engines are quicker in some circumstances than the more powerful SL/R 5000s and cost $20,000 more than the V8 car.

LC XU-1s are normally a little cheaper than the later model but with fewer than usual LJs in this year’s sample the gap has narrowed.

LC GTR $33,000 [1] 

LC XU-1 $64,295 [3]

LJ GTR $47,000 [2] 

LJ XU-1 $68,165 [3]

Holden Torana LH-LX V8/SS/L34/A9X

We were hoping to spot a rare A9X Hatchback during our survey but it wasn’t to be.

Based on previous price movements, we doubt the Hatch has reached $200,000 yet, especially with sedans selling for $80-100,000 less.

One bright point for Hatch owners, but perhaps not for buyers, was a surge in asking prices for authentic LX SS 5.0-litre cars.

SS fakes and SL V8s remain below $50,000 but real deal 5.0-litre cars are headed above $80,000.

SL/R 5000s offered at $70,000 should sell for $55-60,000, but scarce L/34s have enough track cred to make $100,000.

Ten years ago, Torana SL V8 sedans were ignored and selling for $7000. Now look at them! 

LH-LX V8 $29,265 [11] 

LX V8 Hatch $53,500 [4]

LH-LX SL/R 5000 $50,375 [0]  

LX SS Hatch $71,500 [4]

L34/A9X Sedan $129,500 [4] 

A9X Hatch [N/S] (@ $230k at subsequent auction)

[recorded sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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