Holden HQ to WB V8 - market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Rust has been the big killer for these generations of classic Holden, so some of the more sought-after survivors are now worth a fortune. However there is still some good solid value for money in there.

Holden HQ to WB V8 - market review
Holden HQ Premier

Holden HQ-WB V8

Considering that 485,000 HQ Holdens were made and 15-20 percent were V8s, survival rates are pretty poor.

Rust claimed a lot but for many years there was simply no financial incentive to preserve these cars.

The majority of Premier V8s in today’s market are HZs that are mostly priced below $12,000.

HQs are the ones to look for first but not when price tags reach $50,000.

Half that money should secure a nice car.

The market for Statesmans consists mostly of WBs and these in decent order will cost $3000-5000 less than HQ-HXs.

Most coveted if you’re a Holden collector would be a genuine HQ Statesman 350 at $30-35,000.

HQ V8 Sedan/Wagon $13,895 [17] 

HQ-HZ Premier V8 $19,695 [25]

HQ SS $33,250 [2] 

Statesman HQ-HZ $20,600 [12]

Statesman WB  $14,215 [17] 

Caprice WB $15,260 [10]

Holden HQ-WB Ute/Van/One Tonne Sandman

Demand for V8-powered 1970s Holden commercials has become so strong that they justify commentary separate from the passenger models.

V8 utilities have collector promise and are still competent work vehicles.

A lot of One Tonne V8s have been modified into pure show ponies but with care you can still strap the new couch onto that polished timber tray without damage.

Good 5.0-litre style-side and ‘tonner’ utes sell for $15-20,000 but V8 panel vans of this age are less common and only marginally more expensive.

Understandably, that makes them vulnerable as donors for Sandman conversions.

A 5.0-litre restored Sandman can cost $55,000.

HQ-HZ V8 Utility $14,080 [21] 

HQ-HZ V8 Van $16,520 [7]

Sandman Van $40,495 [4] 

Sandman Utility [N/S]

One-Tonne V8  $18,700 [30]


[recorded sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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