Holden Commodore, Calais, Statesman, Caprice 1989-2005 - market review

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There's lots to choose from when It comes to Holden's mainstay cars and some still represent great value for money.

Holden Commodore, Calais, Statesman, Caprice 1989-2005 - market review
VY Commodore SS

Holden Commodore V8/SS VN-VT 1989-98

Interestingly, old V8 Commodores continue to attract buyers with more ease than do sporty Holden Special Vehicles models of similar age.

Perhaps buyers feel that parts needed to maintain the basic Holden will be easier to find than for HSVs.

Also, keeping an old SS strictly original really doesn’t matter. That said, a properly preserved, low-kilometre VN SS can be worth $12,000 with later cars in the $4000-10,000 price range.

Early V8 utilities surprised as well, with some sales above $10,000.

Holden introduced a supercharged version of its Ecotec V6 in 1997 but these aren’t generating collector interest as yet.

VN-VP V8 $9135 [8]  

VR-VT V8 $5230 [14] 

VG-VT V8 Utility $11,745 [16]

VN-VP SS $9190 [12] 

VR-VT SS $7525 [36]

Holden Commodore SS VTII-VE/Monaro 1999-08

In 1980, Holden first SS was added to the VC series and was the basis for early HDTs.

After HSV started, the SS had to succeed in its own right and did well. VTII power was boosted to a 220kW and 5.7-litre cars should make significantly more than 5.0-litre predecessors.

SS utes do marginally better than sedans, but excellent 6.0-litre SS-Zs still cost only $13-15,000.

Prices for 2005-06 Monaros are up, probably due to a more representative survey sample than demand.

Lots of late series Monaros are coming onto the market and exceptional 2005-06 CV8-Zs go for $35,000, but some vendors ask $60,000-plus.

Commodore VTII-VX SS $7900 [38] 

Commodore VY-Z SS $11,400 [51]

Commodore VE SS 2006-08 $18,145 [47] 

Monaro CV-8 2002-04 $24,270 [37] 

Monaro CV-8/CV-8Z 2005-06 $32,785 [28]

Holden Calais/Statesman V8/Caprice 1991-2005

The return of the V8 Commodore in 1987 gave Holden a much needed jump on Ford, a situation that continued into the 1990s.

Owner apathy has resulted in most VN-VP Calais being dumped or crashed.

Even then, V8-powered survivors still don’t cost much.

Later versions, including the potent 6.0-litre VZ Calais that sold for only a few months during 2006 can be bought in good condition for about $12,000.

Early versions of the roomy Statesman still generate minimal interest and minimal money.

The quite recent and quick WL Caprice V8 costs less than $12,000 and makes sense as low cost luxury transport.  

VN-VP Calais V8 $10,415 [6] 

VR-VX Calais V8 $8000 [32]

VX-VZ Calais $9720 [40]  

VQ-VT Statesman V8 $4680 [19]

WH-WL Caprice $9475 [33]

[recorded sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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