FPV BA-BF GT/Typhoon/Cobra 2003-08 – market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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A ready supply of Typhoons means you can pick one up at a good price.

FPV BA-BF GT/Typhoon/Cobra 2003-08 – market review

Asking prices for FPV GTs are generally up on 2015.

Whether that is sustainable once local production ends is debatable so be cautious.

Anniversary BF GTs seem to be doing best of all but on the slide due to an abundance of cars are Typhoons.

These are good value if you can pay $15-18,000. 2007-release Cobra sedans and utes have staged a revival but need to have travelled minimal kilometres to have any hope of sustaining their original purchase prices.

Grabbing one of finale 403kW Cobras and hiding it in a dark place might be a better investment strategy.

BA GT 2003-05 $23,035 [17] 

BF GT 2005-08 $31,600 [17]
BF GT Anniversary $59,125 [7] 

BA-BF Typhoon F6 $20,240 [32]

BF Cobra Sedan $59,210 [7] 

BF Cobra Ute $54,160 [5]

[actual sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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