Ford Mustang V8 1965-2009 - market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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One of the great performance icons of all time, the Mustang has morphed into a huge number of variants. Here's a guide to how the market nhas seen them

Ford Mustang V8 1965-2009 - market review
1970 Ford Mustang Boss

Ford Mustang V8/Fastback/GT390 1965-68

Good news for Mustang owners, but not those who strive to join them, is that Fastbacks keep moving further out of reach.

If you bought a 4.7-litre 1965-66 model 10 years ago the price would likely have been $35-40,000. Even two years ago they were still selling at around $50,000 but now an A-Code is over $60,000.

Rare K-Codes with 202kW are in demand as the basis for Shelby ‘tributes’ and can make $80,000. Normal V8 Mustang coupes remain available in big numbers but good cars still cost $30,000-plus.

Surprising this year was a lack of exceptional GT390 Fastbacks. Most on offer fell well short of values achieved overseas, where a top-class GT manual can exceed A$120,000.

Mustang V8 1964-68 $35,695 [64] 

Mustang V8 Fastback 1965-68 $62,360 [19]

Mustang K Code 1965-67 $70,080 [5] 

Mustang Fastback 1967-68 $62,045 [29]  

Mustang GT/GTA390 1967-68 $60,865 [6]

Ford Mustang/Mach 1/Cobra-Jet/Boss 302 1969-73

By 1969, Ford embraced muscle car culture with every one of its corporate tentacles.

In the US, there was scarcely model line that didn’t offer a performance version and Mustang buyers were blessed on multiple levels.

The Mach 1 offered affordable performance for the masses and above it for the serious rubber-burners sat the 7.0-litre Cobra-Jet.

Weekend racers could have a 5.0-litre Boss 302 and those who wanted to blow Hemi drivers to oblivion could buy a Boss 429.

In the local market Mach 1s are affordable in the $45-70,000 price range and authentic Cobra-Jets can be found below $100,000.

We rarely see Boss 429s, but 302s are available at $100-120,000.

Mustang V8 1969-73 $39,485 [10] 

Mach 1 1969-70 $57,175 [11]

Mach 1 1971-73 $43,785 [10] 

Mach 1 Cobra-Jet $83,060 [8]

Boss 302  $106,400 [7]

Ford Mustang 1993-2009

The recent arrival in Australia of brand new Mustangs selling for just $60,000 is going
to cause mayhem in the market for earlier ones.

Mustang Cobras imported in 2001 cost $85-90,000 and are currently worth $25-30,000.

Recent imports include 2005-08 GTs which are priced at more than $60,000 and will battle to compete against brand new cars for the same money.

Recent GT500s will be affected to a lesser degree but look for bargains there as well.

The low-production 500KR and Super Snake have investment potential providing they have been preserved with all documentation and done minimal kilometres.

The collapsing Aussie dollar has helped maintain values well above US levels.

Mustang V8 Coupe 1993-98 $21,850 [7] 

Cobra Coupe 1999-02 $31,865 [8] 

Mustang GT 2005-09 $66,570 [7]  

Shelby GT500/Saleen 2006-09 $94,780 [16]

Super Snake/500KR 2007-09 $167,350 [7]


[recorded sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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