Ford Galaxie/Thunderbird 1958-72 - market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Ford Galaxie/Thunderbird 1958-72 - market review
1965 Ford Galaxie hardtop

When new, Thunderbirds didn’t compete directly with muscle cars like the Pontiac GTO or Plymouth Road Runner but today they offer similar performance with more luxury and for a lot less money.

Bulky 1961-66 Thunderbirds still crack 16 seconds for 0-400 metres and you can get them LHD for under $20,000.

The shape and concept of the T-Bird changed in 1967 and these massive cars with 7.0-litre engines will only set you back $15,000 or so.

Two-door Galaxies weren’t sold here as new cars and certainly not with optional 7.0-litre V8s suited to NASCAR ovals.

390-engined cars are cheap but according to US sites you will need $75,000 for a 427-engined car.

Galaxie H/Top 1962-64 $35,185 [3]  

Galaxie H/Top 1965-72 $25,395 [11] 

T-Bird H/Top 1958-60 $36,750 [4] 

T-Bird H/Top 1961-63 $25,185 [7] 

T-Bird H/Top 1964-66 $27,700 [10]  

T-Bird 1967-73 $15,740 [6]


[recorded sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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