Ford Fairlane ZC-ZK 351/LTD/Landau – market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Big, bold and going up in value - that's Landaus for you.

Ford Fairlane ZC-ZK 351/LTD/Landau – market review
Ford Landaus spent a while in the market wilderness, but now they're back.

Ford did'nt mean to make a muscle car from the K Code Fairlane 351 but today they command serious money and look headed for even higher values.

Up to $40,000 is already available for loaded cars with air-conditioning, power windows and maybe a sunroof.

Later ZF-ZH models with the same V8 engines but with emission controls and reduced power they have less appeal than ZC/ZD cars.

Even in popular colours a ZF 351 remains under $20,000.

FC LTDs with the Rolls Royce inspired grille are cheap at present - $16,000 for excellent cars - but the ostentatious Landau will normally do better than $30,000.

ZJ-ZK V8s remain under $10,000.

ZC-ZD 351 $34,700 [5] 

ZF-ZH/Marquis 351 $15,680 [11]
ZJ-ZK 351/LTD $8640 [7] 

LTD 1973-79 $12,065 [13] 

Landau $31,000 [6]

[actual sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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