Cobra and GT40 Replicas 1996-2008 – market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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These things are all about getting a good quality build and max bang for your buck,

Cobra and GT40 Replicas 1996-2008 – market review
AC Cobra

About 20 years ago the sight of a replica Cobra or GT40 would stop car-heads in their tracks.

Now, thanks to the success of DRB, RMC, G-Force and others, the shock value has diminished and values are stable.

Older Cobras at $45-50,000 still offer lots of fun and a decent challenge on a circuit.

Recently built, small-block cars are more comfortable and less demanding on the driver than 20-year-old examples and you can pay up to $70,000 for a high quality car.

Top of the heap are the Robnell Cobras and theyre available on the used market for $80,000 plus.

Brand new GT40s from DRB or Roaring 40s can exceed $150,000 new or with minimal kilometres for $100,000.

Cobra 1996-02  $47,100 [5] 

Cobra 2003-08 $59,495 [9]
Robnell 1995-03 $86,665 [3] 

GT40 Replica 1999-08 $103,415 [6]

[actual sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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