What's a Ford XR-XT-XW-XY Falcon worth?

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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ford falcon xr xt xw xy ford falcon xr xt xw xy

They're the cars that really made the Falcon legend - what are they worth?


Value guide: Ford Falcon XR, XT, XW, XY

The ‘Mustang-bred’ XR series heralded a new and confident period for Ford in Australia, starting it down the road to building some of the most desirable local models of all time.


Understanding the chart

Numbers: these figures are drawn from actual sales, not advertised prices.

Condition 1: Original car in very good overall condition, no work required (not concours).

Condition 2: Functional, all there, but minor repairs and refresh needed.

Condition 3: Structurally sound and working, but in need of repair.

I/D  insufficient data, approximate price range shown.

Concours cars may attract a premium.


MODEL YEAR Cond 3 Cond 2 Cond 1
XR-XT FALCON V8 1966-68 $7000 $17,500 $28,000
XW FALCON V8 1969-70 $8500 $20,000 $28,000
XY FALCON V8 1970-72 $10,000 $22,500 $30,000
XY 351 FALCON SEDAN/WAGON 1970-72 $12,000 $25,000 $38,500
XW-XY FALCON V8 UTILITY 1969-72 $11,000 $22,000 $31,500
XW-XY FALCON V8 PANEL VAN 1969-72 $16,000 $31,000 $44,000
XY 351 FALCON UTILITY 1970-72 $14,500 $28,000 $40,000
XY 351 FALCON PANEL VAN 1970-72 I/D $33,500 $48,000


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