Holden HQ-HZ & WB V8 Utes & Vans - value guide

By: Cliff Chambers

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Workhorses or weekend toys, the van and ute have changed roles over the years and this V8 series has become valuable.


Holden HQ-HZ & WB V8 Utes & Vans

There was a time when the van or ute was something tradies and construction workers or gardeners used to get around. More often than not they were treated with zero respect and even less care, and they were there to do a job.

However things changed, particularly through the 1970s, when a younger generation saw these things as toys more than workhorses.

Most famous was the Sandman van, an inspired piece of marketing and niche identification by GMH. Ford and Chrysler soon followed (anyone remember Sundowners and Drifters?), but Holden was the trend-setter and reaped the benefits.

While the vans had glam, it took a while for the utes to catch up. However these days a V8 WB utility is just as likely to be a treasured weekend hotrod as an actual load carrier.

Cliff Chambers, our in-house market-watcher, has combined data from V8 sales and ads to come up with some 2015-16 value guides.

Prices have picked up over the years, but there is still some good buying out there, particularly if you're prepared to tackle little restoration work.

Understanding the info

Numbers: these figures are drawn from actual sales, not advertised prices.

Condition 1: Original car in very good overall condition, no work required (not concours).

Condition 2: Functional, all there, but minor repairs and refresh needed.

Condition 3: Structurally sound and working, but in need of repair.

I/D insufficient data, approximate price range shown.

Concours cars will attract a significant premium.


Model Year Cond 3 Cond 2 Cond 1
HQ-HZ V8 UTILITY 1971-79 $5500 $12,500 $22,000
HQ-HZ V8 VAN 1971-79 $6500 $14,500 $24,000
HQ-WB ONE TONNE V8 1972-81 $4500 $11,500 $19,500
HJ-HZ SANDMAN 4.2 VAN 1974-78 $12,500 $28,000 $42,000
HJ-HZ SANDMAN 5.0 VAN 1974-78 $15,000 $35,000 $48,000
HJ-HZ SANDMAN UTILITY 1974-78 $10,000 $22,500 $40,000


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