What's a V8 Holden HK, HT & HG worth?

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Join us as we look at what’s been happening to the values of the humble Holden HK-HG series.


Value guide: V8 Holden HK, HT & HG

The classic car market has had its ups and downs over the years, but HK, HT and HG Holdens have seen a meteoric rise over the last decade. Whether that will continue is up for debate, however the shut-down local manufacturing by Holden in 2017 suggests that if nothing else the numbers will hold up.

Star car - Holden HK-HG Brougham

That Holden's Brougham borrowed its name-tag from Cadillac tells the story - a Holden for buyers with luxury car ambitions. Sharing the standard Holden wheelbase, it had a longer body courtesy of extended rear sheetmetal. With V8 power and a staggering range of extras thrown in it was, in effect, a Premier with the lot, and then some. It was great value for money offering true-blue Aussies what they loved  space, plenty of lazy power and rear-wheel drive to tow their other rolling stock around Oz. And heaps of creature comforts. That's still true today.

2000 - $6770

2004 - $6960

2008 - $15,765

2012 - $28,125

2016 - $35,195


Understanding the chart

Numbers: these figures are drawn from actual sales, not advertised prices.

Condition 1: Original car in very good overall condition, no work required (not concours).

Condition 2: Functional, all there, but minor repairs and refresh needed.

Condition 3: Structurally sound and working, but in need of repair.

I/D: insufficient data, approximate price range shown.

Concours cars may attract a premium.


MODEL YEAR Cond 3 Cond 2 Cond 1
HK-HG V8 1968-71 $4000 $12,000 $$21,500
HK-HG V8 UTILITY 1968-71 $5500 $15,500 $27,000
HK-HG V8 VAN 1968-71 I/D $22,000 $35,000
HK PREMIER V8 1968-69 $9000 $22,500 $31,500
HT-HG PREMIER V8 1969-71 $7500 $16,500 $26,000
HK-HG BROUGHAM 1968-71 $9000 $24,000 $37,00
HQ-HZ PREMIER V8 1971-74 $5500 $14,500 $21,500
HK MONARO V8 1968-69 $18,500 $43,000 $62,500
HK MONARO GTS V8 1968-69 $20,000 $54,000 $72,000
HK MONARO GTS327 1968-69 $30,000 $70,000 $110,000
HT-HG MONARO V8 1969-71 $16,000 $40,000 $55,000
HT-HG MONARO GTS V8 1969-71 $17,000 $47,000 $65,000
HT MONARO GTS350 1969-70 $35,000 $80,000 $110,000
HT MONARO GTS350 1970-71 $25,000 $60,000 $110,000

(Values are from 2015-16)

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