Ford Falcon XR-XY GT, GT-HO market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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You can't help wondering if the Ford GT market has more observers than the stock market...

Ford Falcon XR-XY GT, GT-HO market review
Always popular, but the values on GT-HO Phase 3s have had a wild ride.

Ford Falcon XR-XY GT

Ever since the 80s, when values began to move, the GT Falcon market has been keenly followed even by people who will probably never own one.

Just a hint of improving GT values causes prices for other models and brands to leap, but only cars with trophy winning history or potential will attract big dollars.

Excellent XW manuals at $80-90,000 offer decent value, as do XRs at around $100,000. XY GT four-speeds can reach $115-120,000 but rarely $150,000.

The XT remains unloved but is still a better long-term prospect than replica XYs that are often based on six-cylinder cars that have little intrinsic value and are the first to plummet when markets tighten.

XR GT $111,665 [3] 

XT GT $50,500 [1]  

XW GT $103,150 [6]

XY GT $143,325 [12] 

XY GT Fairmont $43,750 [4]

XY GT Replica $72,330 [27]

Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 1-3

Cars with a competition pedigree are often seen as tickets to boundless wealth but you do need to be sure when entering this market not to pay too much.

That happened 10 years ago when road going Phase 3s got close to $700,000 and people bought in the belief they would go higher.

The market instead crashed and lots of cars were put away in anticipation of brighter days, which so far haven’t dawned.

Prices are improving, though, and it is feasible to again pay $400-450,000 for a Phase 3. XW-based Phase 1 and 2 cars remain mostly below $150,000.

GTHO Phase 1 $126,125 [4] 

GTHO Phase 2 $160,875 [4]
GTHO PH3 $382,500 [2] 


[recorded sales]

Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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