Ford Falcon and Fairmont 1967-79 market review

By: Cliff Manley, Unique Cars magazine

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They may not be the hero models, but people are starting to value the humble Falcon and Fairmont.


Ford Falcon/Fairmont V8 1967-72

For 43 of the past 50 years, Ford offered V8 engines in its Falcon/Fairmont range and even the earliest are still generating strong demand.

XR-XT V8s are generally the cheapest pre-1972 models but XR Fairmonts can still exceed $30,000.

That’s also the starting point for a 302-cubic inch XW or XY automatic, and add 20 percent to that for manual transmission cars.

Least common and most costly are XY 351 Fairmonts, especially four-speed cars. Any that haven’t been destroyed by ill-advised conversion to GT replicas are headed beyond $60,000.

V8 XW-XY utilities were fairly common as new vehicles so prices aren’t yet high.

Watch out, though, for V8 panel vans which are scarce and have growing collector appeal.

Model Value Recorded Sales
XR-XT V8 $26,625 [10]
XW-XY Falcon V8 $24,575 [4]
XW-XY Fairmont V8 $31,200 [5]
XY Fairmont 351 $52,000 [3]
XW-XY V8 Utility $32,900 [17]
XW-XY V8 Van $46,665 [3]


Ford Falcon/Fairmont XA-XC V8 1972-79

These V8 Falcons and Fairmonts still offer good value and, providing fuel prices don’t skyrocket, work well as short-haul family transport.

Wagons have that massive load area so you can fit the family and all the gear you need for a weekend away.

V8 Hardtops remain scarce and it’s no surprise that prices have jumped by 50 per cent during the past few years.

Collectors are keen on GS351 manual Fairmonts and some of those can cost more than an XB GT sedan.

One high-priced XB utility helped increase this year’s average but excellent 351 utes typically sell for around $25,000.

XB-XC GS V8 vans are very scarce and should be worth more than a sedan in comparable condition.

Model Value Recirded Sales
XA-XC Falcon V8 $19,955 [11]
XA-XC Fairmont V8/GXL $21,365 [21]
XA-XC Hardtop V8 $60,165 [6]
XA-XC V8 Utility $33,125 [4]
XA-XC V8 Van $19,165 [3]


Values from 2015-16. Concours cars will fetch a premium.

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