Chrysler US Models 1957-2008 – market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Late model Chrysler 300s are great value, but 1950s to 1960s models still command big money.

Chrysler US Models 1957-2008 – market review
Chrysler built some of the most elegant big cars of that 50s-60s era.

Gangland saga The Sopranos might not have screened on popular channels for a while but people still point at late series Chrysler 300s and whisper about bodies in the boot.

If you want to be whispered about, the price of basic 5.7-litre Hemis is dropping like a weighted corpse and high-kay cars cost $15,000.

Expect though to pay $25-30,000 for a 317kW SRT8 or Tourer (wagon).

Chryslers 1960s hemi-headed convertibles can still achieve US$150,000 but Hardtops are off the boil and in the US$50-80,000 range.

The big-block 440 engine used in a lot of 1960s Chryslers also pumps massive power and in something like a Newport or late-60s 300 will cost only $30,000.

300C-300G 1956-62 $110,000 [1] 

300/Newport 1962-71 $31,535 [11]

300C Hemi Sedan 2006-08 $21,175 [31] 

300C Touring 2007-08 $29,355 [7]

300C SRT8 2006-08$28,990 [17]


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