Chrysler AP6-VC V8, VF-VH Hardtop, Chrysler – market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Some of these historic local Chryslers have done well while others have languished behind their Holden and Ford equivalents.

Chrysler AP6-VC V8, VF-VH Hardtop, Chrysler – market review
Chrysler Valiant VF Hardtop.

The cars regarded as Australia's first family V8s aren't generating anywhere near the price growth enjoyed by early V8 Holdens and Fords.

A few years back VC V8s prices were approaching $40,000 but cars being sold now are largely in the sub-$30,000 range.

The news for VF-VG Hardtop owners is better with average prices for their cars up substantially and excellent V8 Regals worth $30,000.

The massive CH-CK Chryslers often came with 5.9-litre engines and needed every cubic centimetre to move them.

Today these cars are enjoying a surge in both price and popularity and two-door versions are heading for $30,000.

Model Year Recorded Sales
AP6 V8 $21,835 [3]
VC V8 $25,625 [4]
VF-VH V8 Hardtop $28,690 [8]
Chrysler CH-CK Sedan $16,000 [4]
Chrysler Hardtop CH-CJ $27,640 [7]

Valuations done 2015-16. Concours cars will command a premium.

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