Chevrolet Chevelle, Nova, El Camino, C-10 1964-74 market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique cars magazine

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Chevrolet El Camino Chevrolet El Camino

There are some rich pickings in the Chevrolet catalogue, even when you get away from the mainstream models.


Chevrolet Chevelle, Nova, El Camino, C-10 1964-74 market review

Cars that Chevrolet called ‘mid-size’ look pretty damn big when parked beside a medium-sized Aussie model from the same era.

That said, late 60s Chevelles offered bigger engines than anything we had and the kind of performance that today produces big prices in a keen market.

Even the Nova, which began life at about the same size as an EH Holden, could be ordered with a V8 and soon became part of the muscle car world.

El Camino utes are a Chevelle with a massive luggage area but SS396 versions bring considerably less than a passenger version with the same engine.

Quality 1969-71 El Caminos cost around $35,000; similar money to what’s being paid for excellent examples of the C-10 pickup, which is a proper classic load carrier.

Model Year Value Recorded sales
Chevelle SS 1965-72 $46,670 [8]
Chevy II/Nova V8 1964-66 $27,850 [4]
Nova V8/SS 1967-71 $37,820 [9]
El Camino 1964-67 $31,245 [9]
El Camino/SS 1968-74 $28,480 [14]
C-10 1967-74 $35,460 [14]


Concours cars will fetch a premium. Prices are for 2015-16.

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