Bolwell Nagari & Mark VII muscle car market review

By: Cliff Chambers, Unique Cars magazine

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Bolwell nagari Bolwell Nagari: The best-looking car ever made here? Bolwell nagari

Arguably the sexiest car ever to be developed in this country, but it was killed off by unfortunate timing and a lack of development funds.


Bolwell 1966-74 market review

Australians have had a few goes at building high-performance sports cars but the most successful by far to date was Bolwell. The Mark VII was simply stunning for its price and you could build one in your garage using mostly Holden parts.

The Nagari that followed used a Ford V8 and was factory built. Changes to road safety rules killed that car leaving, according to Bolwell Club estimates, about 100 completed Coupes and 18 Roadsters.

Scarcity, performance and sexy looks suggest these cars should be priced well into six-digit territory but only a Roadster is likely to make that amount.

Coupes are worth a look if you've got $60,000 to spend, or budget $35,000 if you're happy with a Mark VII.

Model Value Number of sales recorded
Mark VII $32,000 [2]
Nagari Coupe $57,665 [3]
Nagari Roadster $63,000 [1]

 Valuation done 2015-16. Note that concours cars will fetch a premium.

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