What's an Aussie Chrysler Charger worth?

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The market has been volatile, but Chargers are generally doing well. Cliff Chambers has a look at what's been happening.

You can’t help thinking the Chrysler Charger was grossly under-estimated in its day, but that’s changed. They’re still being pulled out of sheds and being restored and there’s no doubt they’re building a profile that makes them one of the all-time Australian greats.

Available in straight six and V-eight form, they’re rated by pro drivers like John Bowe as the greatest car never to win Bathurst.

Race-oriented models are now seriously expensive and exceptional ones will sell at a premium to the prices you see here.


Star car - Chrysler VH-CL Charger 770

"HEY CHARGER!" Chrysler’s muscular coupe is almost as dinky-di Aussie as football, meat pies and… The VH model of this grunty, light, short-wheelbase coupe caught the imagination of a big slab of Oz muscle car fans, attracting support from members of both previously entrenched Ford and Holden tribes. While the R/T E37 and E49 race-spec cars are the sexiest versions, ownership of any Charger marks you out as a special person who’ll still get smiles and waves from the public these days. (The 770 is the green car shown here.)

2000 - $8495

2004 - $10,420

2008 - $19,525

2012 - $33,990

2016 - $29,480


Understanding the chart

Numbers: these figures are drawn from actual sales, not advertised prices.

Condition 1: Original car in very good overall condition, no work required (not concours).

Condition 2: Functional, all there, but minor repairs and refresh needed.

Condition 3: Structurally sound and working, but in need of repair.

I/D – insufficient data, approximate price range shown.

Concours cars may attract a premium.


MODEL YEAR Cond 3 Cond 2 Cond 1
VH-CL CHARGER 770 V8 1971-76 $8500 $26,500 $38,000
VH CHARGER R/T 265 1971-72 I/D $34,000 $50,000
VH CHARGER E37 R/T 1971-72 I/D $40,000 $65,000
VH CHARGER E38 R/T 1971-72 $25,000 $68,000 $120,000
VH CHARGER E48 R/T 1972 I/D $55,000 $80,000
VH CHARGER E49 R/T 1972 I/D $90,000 $150,000
VH CHARGER E55 340 1972-73 $15,000 $40,000 $55,000

See the John Bowe Video review of a Chrysler E49 R/T Charger.

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