Mitsubishi Starion: Smart Classics

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Mitsubishi Starion Mitsubishi Starion
Mitsubishi Starion Mitsubishi Starion
Mitsubishi Starion Mitsubishi Starion

The boldness of design is what makes the Starion such an appealing buy now


Mitsubishi Starion

No, we haven’t lost the plot. We’re including the Starion. Why? Because it’s one of those cars that were once everywhere and were available for pocket change and then, before you ever realised, they’ve gone. Pfft! Vanished. Think of it as a case study in how to profit from neglect and complacency. The Starion’s more than just a weird-beard Japanese oddity too.

Back in 1982 it provided some serious competition to the likes of the Porsche 944 and Mazda RX-7, delivering 125kW of turbocharged grunt.

It scored a 1-2 in the 1984 Australian Super Series, won the 1987 Australian Production Car Championship and even scored a win in the Experimental class at the Paris-Dakar in 4WD guise.

Despite all that, the Starion still isn’t taken seriously by car collectors. Its time will come though, and it’ll sneak up before many realise. In other words, now’s the time to get in on the ground floor.


Price guide:

Low: $5,000
High: $45,000


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